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Personalized City Guide

Coming to Barcelona and not sure what to visit? Are you tired of conventional guides that seem so unpersonal and don’t match your preferences?

Let a local guide you

I’ll be happy to help you plan your trip in Barcelona, based on how long you’re staying, what you prefer to see, do or eat, the dates when you’re traveling…

  • Insider tips
  • Updated travel information
  • Adjusted to the length of your stay
  • Easy to use app so you can carry it on your mobile
  • Extra services also available: message assistance, welcome meeting





How does it work?

  • Visit my page on TripUniq
  • Click on “Start your guide”
  • Tell me about your preferences
  • The guide will be ready and sent to you in max 3 days
  • You will be able to check the guide both online and offline using the TripUniq app

Still not sure?

Email me for more information: