Buon appetito! Best Italian Restaurants in Barcelona

As someone who used to live in Italy, I have to confess Italian cuisine will always be my favorite. That’s why eating Italian food is one of those routinary treats I like to give myself and, throughout the years, I’ve built a nice list of my go-to places.

Here you’ll find the top restaurants which you should definitely visit if you’re looking for an Italian restaurant that won’t let you down. Suitable for all budgets and occasions, from a quick takeout to a fancy dinner date, one thing is sure: their food is just delicious.

Important notice: this list has been approved by Italians!

Dues Sicilies
Dues Sicilies – Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


Why I love it: their tasty food comes in small-sized portions that can be easily eaten on the go, plus the service is fast and friendly and the prices are super convenient!

Must-tries: their arancini (stuffed rice balls), mini-calzoni, pizza and tiramisù

Check it out for yourself: Carrer dels Carders, 22 / Carrer del Rec Comtal, 4


Sports Bar
Sports Bar Sagrada Familia


Why I love it: their pizza, pizza and delicious pizza. Plus, if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to eat your pizza in the shape of a heart – I can’t promise that, but that’s what I was so happy to be served at their restaurant near the Sagrada Familia.

Must-tries: pizza, pizza, pizza. My favorite one is the ortolana (vegetable pizza).

Check it out for yourself: Carrer Ample, 51-53 /  Avinguda Diagonal, 123 / Carrer de la Marina, 290



Why I love it: the pizza is truly delicious! However, a big downside is the waiting time for takeout and the crowded space in the restaurant, at least at their El Born address. But, if you’re patient enough, you’ll get to try an amazing “Neapolitan Authentic Pizza – NAP”.

Must-tries: their pizzas and calzoni

Check it out for yourself: Av. de Francesc Cambó, 30 / Carrer del Baluard, 69


© Soho House Barcelona


Why I love it: the fancy design and atmosphere are so beautiful you’ll forget you went there to eat in the first place. The menu is quite varied (hello, Italian food is soo much more than pizza!), and the same goes for their wine selection.

Must-tries: their burrata, pastas and Milanese cutlet.

Check it out for yourself: Passeig de Colom, 20


Luigi Ristorante
Luigi Ristorante – Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


Why I love it: their fancy, cozy atmosphere and good quality food and service.

Must-tries: their provolone cheese (love it), burrata and truffle salad, their fresh pasta… This is a really tough one to answer, as they have such a long list of tasty options.

Check it out for yourself: Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 50




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