Painting, wine and fun at Arte Bar

Although Barcelona has so much to offer, this was the first time I had heard about a painting and wine workshop. So when I had the chance to try it I didn’t hesitate to say yes – and I couldn’t have done better!

Each session is inspired on a different painting as a model. It’s funny how, by the end of the workshop, everybody managed to make such different paintings! You’ll be given an apron, paint, canvas and everything you need to paint, as well as wine, beer, water and snacks. If you’ve never painted before, don’t worry – I hadn’t either! Bruce will guide you on how to make a nice painting you can take home.

When it comes to meeting up with friends, it’s easy for it to become a “just another night out at a bar”. So if you’re tired of those or are looking for something a bit more original, you should definitely give it a try!


How does it work?

  • You can book your painting and wine session on Arte Bar’s website: click here

Why I love it

  • Alisa and Bruce are truly nice people! They will make you feel at ease, make sure you take home a more than decent painting and that there’s always some nice wine in your glass 😉
  • It was really fun to test my painting skills and have a good time while learning something new
  • A painting party is also a great idea for group events, as a team building activity or just something different to do with your special ones


Check it out for yourself

Where: Roger de Flor 135

Book your painting & wine evening: click here.



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