Top beaches less than one hour away from Barcelona

Unless it’s your first time in the city, you don’t wanna end up in Barceloneta beach if you actually want to enjoy a chill day on the sea… So check out these three spots to keep in mind for your next beach day!


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1. Garraf

The green mountains surrounding it, the white beach houses with their green roofs… This little beach spot seems, located to the south of Barcelona, near Sitges seems out of a postcard. Spend a day here to enjoy fine white sand, a calm shallow sea and natural surroundings.

Perfect for: a relaxing day away from the city, families

How to get there: 31 minutes by train from Barcelona Sants, line R2, with Renfe Rodalies. Or rent a car to enjoy more freedom: click here.


Castelldefels Beach
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2. Sant Pol de Mar

Located to the north of Barcelona and close to the beautiful Costa Brava, this is one of Barcelonese favorite beach getaways. Before becoming popular among the higher classes and, later on, by the general public, Sant Pol de Mar used to be a fishermen town.

The sand is golden and the sea is quite calm, which makes it perfect for everyone. I really suggest you go for the calas to enjoy more breathtaking views, but keep in mind this will take some walking and climbing.

Perfect for: an adventure with a view

How to get there: one hour by train from Barcelona Arc de Triomf, line R2, with Renfe Rodalies. You can also rent a car and follow your own schedule: click here.



3. Castelldefels

The Castelldefels beach (Castelldefels Platja) is super close to the city center, which makes it perfect for even just a morning or afternoon visit to the beach. When I feel like relaxing on the beach, I prefer it here as an alternative to crowded Barceloneta. It tends to be more windy than most beaches, so you may find people practicing surf or windsurf, as well as schools where you can give it a try yourself. Thanks to its long stretches of sand, there’s always gonna be space for everyone!

Perfect for: surfers, windsurfers and wave lovers

How to get there: 26 minutes from Barcelona Sants, line R2, with Renfe Rodalies. Or why not click here to rent a car and be free to move around?

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