Smoothie bowls paradise

I recently discovered Lulu, a bar between trendy Born and sunny Barceloneta, just across the street from Estación de Francia train station. I have to say I had passed by countless times but I had never given a chance to its brunch, and how I regret not having been there earlier!


We had this yummy brunch you see on the picture with (warning: the following list is gonna make you hungrier than ever)

  • avocado and egg toast
  • salmon and cheese toast
  • berry coco smoothie bowl: berries, banana, chia, coconut and muesli

Why I love it

  • Amaaaaazing smoothies! Banana, coconut, berries, chia, curcuma, avocado, spinach, ginger, oats, dates, wheat grass, spirulina… A true fruit heaven!
  • They also have some super tasty toasts (that sounds almost like a tonguetwister…) as well as salads
  • Ecological wines & craft beer
  • The terrace where you can eat, chat and enjoy the breeze
  • Its specialty is brunch but it’s open all day long

Check it out for yourself

Where: Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 7

Must try: goldmember smoothie (curcuma, banana, cinnamon and oats smoothie) & this berry coco smoothie bowl on the pic



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