Sundays are for sun

As in every big city, concrete can get a little bit monotonous and make you want to escape. But we love it here, so why leave? If you’re looking for a green spot in Barcelona where you can relax and go back to nature, then Parc de la Ciutadella is the answer.


Right next to the Arc de Triomf you can find this central, 280,000 m2 park which hosts a zoo, the Parliament of Catalonia, museums, a lake and beautiful fountains for all the romantics out there. Since it was opened in the mid-19th century as the first public park in the city, Barcelonese love going to Parc de la Ciutadella for a relaxing walk, reading, having a picnic or just enjoying the sun and the green. It’s also a great place for jogging, and indeed you’ll find a lot of joggers and bikers going around the park.

The park gets particularly busy on Sundays, with families taking their children to play and special activities taking place, such as swing lessons I’ve seen the last time I was there, under the pergola right next to the pond.

My favourite spot in the park is definitely the ‘Monumental Cascade’ (see the photo below), designed by Josep Fontsere with the help of Antoni Gaudi – an amazing work of art.


As you see, Parc de la Ciutadella is definitely a great place to breathe some fresh air, relax and get lost in its vegetation and beautiful works of art for a whole afternoon.

Have a nice Sunday!

Author: The Barcelona Diaries

A city guide with lots of photography, useful advice and insider tips on locals' favorite spots and trends.

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